Africa Systems & Software Services (AS3) is a relatively new, young & dynamic professional services company, founded by Muhammad Khan, in January 2015 (AS3 had actually been in the making since early 2013). Muhammad has spent the bulk of his career in Digital TV Media domain, growing organically through: Software Engineer, Integrator, Architect, Development Manager, Product, Project & Program Manager of complex, large-scale software systems that silently power the user experience on devices such as Set Top Boxes, TVs, Smartphones & Tablets.

Having worked mostly on international projects with industry giants as DirecTVBSkyB whilst being employed with Cisco Systems – UK, Muhammad returned to his birthplace South Africa (SA) after a decade of living abroad. Muhammad brings with him a wealth of solid hard-earned experience, knowledge of software industry best practices, along with an impressive track record as can be seen from testimonials from his customers. When Muhammad left South Africa a year after obtaining his BSc. Honours in Electronics Engineering from the University of KwaZulu Natal (then later went on to obtain a Masters in Computer Science Research from University College Dublin), he had every intention of going abroad, acquire as much knowledge-and-work-experience as possible, return to South Africa to help contribute back into this beautiful African country. The intent of applying what he'd learnt from working with world-class companies in terms of business & program management, software & systems engineering, and most especially, the experience of having worked with some of the most amazingly bright & talented engineers, and self-organising teams.

On returning to SA, Muhammad was employed by Multichoice as a Decoder Strategic Planner, where he successfully led the transformation of the Decoder Product Development business unit, and in doing so, helped recover a distressed critical strategic project, delivering-to-market, their Next Generation PVR, known as the DStv Explora, which launched in July 2013 – a product like no other on the African continent. Incidentally, the DStv Explora was included in the list of South Africa's most beautifully designed object. He later helped transform the department into what is now known as Consumer Devices, providing valuable input as well as driving through further organisational structure changes in terms of agility and responsiveness to deliver frequent product increments to market.

Having successfully orchestrated that multi-million-dollar project (two-hundred engineers-world-wide staff-compliment) Muhammad had identified a gap in the African market for very specialised Software & Systems Management Services. This gap was not specific to just companies involved with Digital TV/Media, the more Muhammad networked with people from other organisations, the more it became clear the lack of Software/Systems Engineering skill-set within the country South Africa, and the African continent at large.  The knowledge gained from working in Europe's leading Systems & Software Design companies was pretty much needed in South Africa across both public & private enterprises. Muhammad's personal journey through the various disciplines of the product life-cycle, having first hand exposure to complete end-to-end systems, from design-to-delivery; Muhammad decided to branch out on his own, leaving the comforts & security of permanent employment, and thus take the leap into professional engineering services consulting.

Muhammad thus resigned from Multichoice and has started up “AS3 – Africa Systems & Software Services”, offering best-of-breed Software/Systems Management Consulting Services, aimed at providing corporates primarily with solutions for recovering distressed projects, setting up technical teams from scratch, lead projects & teams through organisational transformations, as well as accelerating products-to-market in a lean-startup-like fashion.

AS3 can service organisations by providing top talent in software & systems engineering management. 

Whilst AS3 continues to support a handful of clientele in the Digital Media domain, it has ultimate ambitions of expanding into other areas, as well as creating a technology / product start-up one day. AS3 is also committed to helping the African society by volunteering skills and labour to help grow the technical skill-sets of young, up-and-coming teenagers.